The Party Wants You Clean Cut

This is a series of events dedicated to pupils and students about myths and realities from the Communist period in Romania. We have organized two outdoor editions, in 2017 and 2018, both in June.

The activities included documentary and artistic films, an exposition, recollections of survivals of Communist prisons, discussions with university professors and high school teachers, journalists and historians.

In 2018 the main theme was Communist propaganda. We analyzed the way in which the Communist Party promoted it's principles and how it manipulated the public opinion, the difference between reality and what was covered in the media and also the censorship machine which controlled the media for a few decades.

We had on our side Adelina Țânțariu and Attila Biro, from the team that reopened the subject of the torturers from the Communist prisons, investigation that led to their conviction.

Hundreds of young people attended these two editions making it a good starting point for the other adjacent projects on Communism.